People Strategy

People Strategy Image

Dundee City Council is set to unveil a people strategy for its workforce that states: “Our People are our most valued and valuable asset.”

The document, which will be considered by the policy and resources committee on December 7, aims to increase the number of young people aged under 25 in the workforce.

There is also a call for the council to adopt a ‘People Charter’ so that employees can clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.

A report looks at immediate priorities for 2016/17 which includes a review of terns and conditions in consultation with the trade unions and ensuring a fair pay and grading structure.

Policy and resources convener Councillor Ken Guild said: “An engaged and motivated workforce, led by inspiring and creative managers, is the key to the success of meeting the difficult challenges we face over the next few years.

“Our People Strategy sets out our ambitions and strategic direction for transforming our workforce.

“It is  aligned with our corporate strategies to ensure a consistent and integrated approach. It is built around four key themes: Equality, Diversity and Fairness, Enhancing Leadership, Managing Our People and Developing Our People to enable people to be productive and make the most of their skills and experience.”

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