20mph Speed Limits in Residential Areas Consultation

20mph Speed Limits in Residential Areas Consultation Image

A city-wide consultation on the possible introduction of 20mph speed limit zones in residential areas of Dundee has been launched.

The consultation was approved by the City Development committee on Monday night (November 23).

Will Dawson convener of Dundee City council’s city development committee said: “The number of road accidents in the city is at an all time low but one injury is one too many, so we are pleased to bring forward this consultation that will involve communities in taking decisions about their own area.

“Evidence from around the country shows that bringing in 20mph zones can have benefits for the community, including encouraging walking and cycling and I think it is vital that we investigate any measure that can help us with that and reduce accidents and injuries.”

City Development will consult widely with community councils, tenants and residents associations, other representative community organisations and members of the public across all eight Local Community Planning Partnerships. They want views on where 20 mph limits would be appropriate and if they would benefit road safety in each community.

The council has already backed 20 mph speed limits in new residential developments such as Western Gateway, Lothian Crescent and the new schools on Harestane Road.

Residents will be able to take part in the consultation via the Dundee City Council website or by completing a questionnaire which can be obtained at Dundee House, East District Housing Office and West District Housing Office.

It will run until the end of June 2016 and a detailed report will be brought back to the City Development committee in due course.

Take part in the consultation.

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