Tenants Make Their Voices Heard

Tenants Make Their Voices Heard Image

Dundee tenants have taken part in an event to launch the new Tenant Participation Strategy.

The strategy aims to maximise more tenant participation to mark areas for improvement.

The consultation launch, which took place at the Westpark Conference Centre, involved dozens of tenants, local resident groups as well as third & private sector representatives.

The event, which took the form of a ‘world café’ style discussion was used to identify actions for the tenant participation strategy with an action plan for the next 4 years.

John Alexander, Convener of the City’s Housing Department said, “The event was a great success and involved open and frank discussion on what the council does well, what it needs to improve on and where it needs to focus efforts.

“The event was very well attended and I was particularly pleased at the feedback received which covered a number of topics including better use of social media, improving communication with tenants and changing the way we work to make the service better and more efficient.”

“Our tenants are not backwards in coming forwards and that is absolutely to their credit, we can only do our job if tenants work with us to improve the service.”

The consultation will run until the end of January 2016 and will allow for a new strategy to go forward in April 2016.

Councillor Cordell, Depute Convener of Housing added, “Consultation is about taking stock and ensuring that the decisions we make are the ones that tenants want.

“The results contained within the annual return on the Charter show that improvements have been made and we will continue to work to that end. Overall satisfaction of our service stands at 89%, a rise of 12% - this was achieved by working with our tenants.”

Rena Smith, Chairperson of Dundee Federation of Tenants Association said, “Consultation with tenants ensures that the best results and decisions are made by the City Council.

“As a tenant representative body, we aim to represent tenants across Dundee and promote a more positive and collaborative working relationship with the Housing Department. Events such as this, allow any and all tenants the opportunity to feed into the decision making process and make their view known.”

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