Refugee response

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THE FIRST group of Syrian refuges to be relocated to Dundee will arrive in the city early in December.

Dundee City Council working closely with its partners in the public and voluntary sector have identified the services needed by the five families who will  be brought to the city from the Lebanon.

Council leader Ken Guild said: “A considerable amount of pre-planning has gone into our humanitarian response to the refugee crisis and I am confident that all of the services that will be needed are primed and ready to do their job.

“Our support is being delivered in three phases - pre arrival which is addressing issues like accommodation and refugees’ immediate needs, for example clothing and food; arrival which covers transportation, interpretation services and initial priorities including necessary paperwork for example GP registration and resettlement.

“In the resettlement phase we plan to use existing mechanisms which are available to any other Dundee resident depending on the issue.

“We are fully committed to the long term resettlement and integration of new arrivals to the city, while being conscious of the needs of the whole community.”

The council has co-ordinated a wide range of skills and knowledge from statutory and voluntary partners, creating a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary response.

After the first group of refugees has arrived and are engaged with the various services, the council intends to review how the process is working which will allow for improvement or changes where necessary.

The Syrian Vulnerable Person Relocation Scheme is fully funded by the Home Office.

Cllr Guild added: “We do not intend to release the personal details, including addresses of any of the refugees, to anyone other than those actively involved in their case management.

“I believe that this approach is the right one to take and it is entirely consistent with the way we deal with other vulnerable clients.”

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