Fairness Commission seeks views

Fairness Commission seeks views Image

PEOPLE currently looking for work in Dundee or who have recently used services to help them get a job are being asked to share their experiences with the city’s Fairness Commission.

An on line survey, as well as the chance to attend the commission’s next meeting will shine a light on employability and youth employment.

Cllr Jimmy Black the commission’s convener said: “It seems as if it would be obvious to say that a good, fairly paid job can be the best route out of poverty for individuals and families, but it is also so much more.

“It raises a person’s self-esteem, makes a contribution to the wider economy and improves health.

“But up to a third of jobs don’t in fact lift families out of poverty and can actually increase workers' risk of illness, injury or poor mental health, which is why having the right job is so important.

“Factors that make a good job include job security, pay and hours, the physical work environment, shift work and the relationship you have with your employer. For young people, gaining the right skills is vital if they are to find their first job and a path to secure, long term employment.

“What we want to hear are the first hand experiences of people in the city who are currently seeking work or have recently used employability services to get a job to find out how these things can be improved.”

The Dundee Fairness Commission meets on Tuesday (November 24) at 6pm in the Central Baptist Church, Ward Road. The meeting is open to the public.

This survey is now finished.

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