Council Asks For 'No Idling'

Council Asks For

Dundee City Council is encouraging motorists, lorry and bus operators to avoid engine idling.

This is part of the Take Pride in Your City Campaign to improve poor air quality, which is directly linked to emissions from road transport and can affect people’s health.

Drivers can help improve this by simply turning off their engines when they are not needed.

The practice of engine idling not only poses a health risk; it results in higher running costs.

Environment Convener Councillor Craig Melville said: “The Council is working hard to improve air quality in the city.

“I would encourage all drivers, and especially bus and lorry operators, to try and eliminate any unnecessary engine idling to improve air quality.

“Whether you are waiting outside a shop, school, home or workplace, the message is; Please Take Pride in Your City and switch off your engine!”

Dundee City Council’s Take Pride campaign is in place to help keep the city clean. For more information log on to or tell us what you are doing to help via Twitter by using the hashtag #takepridedundee.


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