Waterfront recycling

Waterfront recycling Image

THE EQUIVALENT of a massive aircraft carrier’s weight in soil, debris and other material has been recycled as part of the latest contract at Dundee Waterfront.*

A total of 99% or 88,000 tonnes of excavated materials have been reused as part of the waterfront development or elsewhere in the city.

Ken Guild leader of Dundee City Council said: “These statistics are amazing, and so huge it is quite difficult to imagine.

“Since the contractors, Sir Robert McAlpine, started work on this phase of works in February 2014 their focus hasn’t just been on delivering high quality work, on time and within budget but also on doing everything they can to minimise waste.

“Around 53,000 tonnes of material has been crushed and reused on the site or in other council projects while the remaining amount diverted from landfill and recycled for reuse in other local projects

“This is tangible evidence that not only are we determined to deliver a breath taking project that will transform the city and people’s lives we are determined to do so in a way that does not waste or needlessly consume precious resources.”

The current contract, which is expected to be completed early next year has seem constructing and completion of the northern and southern boulevards, the interconnected grid pattern of streets and associated underground infrastructure. It also includes the creation of the public open space and construction of a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) pond.

* Nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington is 24-storeys high, weighs 88,000 tonnes and can carry up to 75 aircraft on its upper deck.

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