Return Household Enquiry Forms

Return Household Enquiry Forms Image

ELECTION officials in Dundee have made an urgent plea to people across the city to return Household Enquiry Forms, or risk losing their vote at next year’s Scottish Parliament poll.

Estimates suggest that the return rate is the worst in recent years with around 35,000 forms still to be sent back to Dundee City Council’s Electoral Registration Office.

Reminders were sent out earlier this month and although that boosted return rates, there is still a risk that many people across the city will not appear on the most up to date version of the Electoral Register, and as a result miss out on their vote next May.

The new household enquiry forms ask people to confirm who is resident at the property and the fastest and easiest way to get details entered into the system is online at

Public access to a computer is free at all local libraries across the city.

Anyone who cannot get access to a computer can confirm their details by telephone on 0808 284 1474 or by sending a text message to 07786 209374. Householders can also return the completed form to the Electoral Registration Office at 20 City Square.

The UK Government requires that any household which does not return the enquiry form must receive a home visit to check the details, an exercise which could cost in the region of £40,000 in Dundee.

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