Responsible Dog Action Plan Update

Responsible Dog Action Plan Update Image

Councillors will be given an update on the progress of responsible dog ownership within Dundee on Monday (September 14)

The Environment committee will also be asked to approve the formation of an accreditation scheme for professional dog walkers and the installation of two new dog exercising trails.

This is part of the responsible Dog Ownership Action Plan that was approved in February 2014.

It is proposed that Dundee City Council adopt the successful model currently used by East Lothian Council. The professional dog walker would have to abide to a code of conduct or membership to the scheme will be suspended.

 Plans have also been prepared to install two Dog Health Walk Trails at Balgay Hill and Dawson Park. The trails will also reduce the number of dogs in general areas of the park.

Councillors will also hear how the department has been strengthening its enforcement of dog fouling offences, with an increase in staff trained to issue Fixed Penalty Notices and heighted awareness through the Take Pride in Your City campaign.

The Environment department has also been working alongside the council’s corporate debt recovery team to ensure non-payment of FPNs is rectified.

Environment Committee Convener Councillor Craig Melville explained: “People in Dundee enjoy our clean and green open spaces with enthusiasm.  I want to ensure that the actions of a minority do not spoil it for everyone.

“The action plan is already working well and various campaigns have led to 60 fixed penalty notices issued for dog fouling. We are fully committed to collecting these fines and help and advice from the council’s corporate debt recovery team is extremely beneficial.

“We want to continue that good work and the accreditation scheme and new dog trails will do that.”

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