Housing Prospects

Information and Instructions

This facility contains information on Council housing in Dundee. It is grouped into Letting Areas and gives you information about how many properties we have of each type, how often they become empty and how many people you will be competing with on the waiting list. You can, if you wish, try a few searches to see your different choices.

Enter the Street Name
Type the street name you are searching for in the "Street Finder" section. As you type it will appear in a list. Click on the correct street, and note the Letting Area which you will use later. It is shown next to the street name.
Enter Your Options
In the "Search Criteria" section use the drop down boxes to narrow your choice to what you are looking for. You can do this by clicking on the grey area at the right hand side of each of the white boxes and choosing the correct option from the list. In the "Letting Area" box choose the Letting Area which was shown above when you typed in the street name. Then press the "Search" button.
The Results
The result of your choices is displayed in the list below. You can change the order of the list by clicking on the word at the top of any of the columns. The list shows the number of Council houses there are of the types you have chosen to search for, how many of them have been let in the previous year and how many people are on the waiting list for each type. Please note that there may be no houses let in the last year in some areas. The information displayed will give you an idea of what your chances are of being housed quickly in the area you have chosen.
Street Finder

Type a street name into the box below to find the corresponding Letting Area.

Search Criteria
Letting AreaHousing TypeSingle RoomsDouble RoomsShelteredGroundNumber of PropertiesLets in last 12 MonthsNumber of current applications
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