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Information and Instructions
This page contains details of 'Available Now' housing. Click on the links below for more details on 'Available Now' housing and how to view properties on a map.

> What are 'Available now' properties?
A property may be designated as "Available Now" for the following reasons.
  • There is no queue of suitable applicants or
  • The house has been refused more than 3 times or
  • It has been empty and available for let for at least 3 weeks

The property will be advertised on the Available Now list for 5 working days or when 10 notes of interest have been received, whichever is the soonest.
> Are there any restrictions?
There will be circumstances where we may not be able to take a note of interest in a property from you.
Some of these could include.
  • The property is too big or too small for your needs.
  • The property is sheltered and you do not qualify by age (60 years or over).
  • The property does not meet any medical recommendation on your application.

Our sheltered housing is for applicants or their partners who are aged 60 years or over. This housing receives warden services and emergency community alarm services, so there is a charge for this which is additional to the rent.

Our amenity housing is for applicants or their spouse/partners who are aged 50 years or over (unless there is a recognised need for amenity housing where a TMAS assessment has been carried out for those under 50). The accommodation is designed to recognise the particular needs of older people or their disability. The internal design of these are similar to our sheltered properties but are not linked to an alarm system.
> How do I apply?
If you have a current application for housing lodged with us, simply phone the Lettings Centre on 0300 123 9023 or 01382 307400 to register a note of interest as soon as possible. Please quote the property address(es) you are interested in and that you have seen it on the Available Now list.
Office telephone opening hours are Monday - Friday. 8.30am - 5 pm.

You can put your name forward for as many houses as you wish so long as the house meets your need and in an area you would like to be housed in.

If you do NOT have a current application form for housing lodged with us, you will need to complete and submit an application form first.
Further details on how to apply for housing with the Council.
You will not be able to note an interest in properties until your application has been processed and an acknowledgement letter received.

> What happens next?
We will only get in touch with you if we are making you the offer of housing or we require further information from you to progress your application for housing.

Once we have received 10 notes of interest in a property or 5 working days has been reached it will close. We will allocate the property to the applicant with the highest priority or points awarded. The list of interested applicants is held and if the property is refused then we will allocate it to the next applicant from the list.

So that we can deal with your application quickly, we will require you to provide ID for yourself and any other person on your application aged 16 years or over.
The following documents will be suitable as proof of ID:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
If you would like further information on the Available Now list or would like to know what your prospects for housing are, please telephone us on 0300 123 9023 or 01382 307400.
> Viewing properties on a map.
To view the property and surrounding area on a map, click on the '(view map)' link next the the address of the property you want to view. Once the map has opened, you can control the map in the following ways:-

By clicking on up, down, left or right buttons in the navigation control the map will automatically pan in the direction clicked.

You can zoom in and out by clicking on the '+ ' or '-' symbols. The '+' symbol will zoom in on the map and the '-' will zoom out.

You can also navigate using the mouse and/or keyboard:-

  • Pan (Moving the map) - Click on the map, hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to pan
  • Zoom In - Roll the mouse scroll forward to zoom in
  • Zoom Out - Roll the mouse scroll backwards to zoom out
  • Zoom In to an area -Hold SHIFT, then click on the map, hold the mouse button down and drag to zoom in to a specific area
  • Zoom Out - Hold SHIFT + CTRL + then click on the map, hold the mouse button down and drag to zoom out
  • Re-centre - Hold SHIFT + click mouse button to re-centre
  • Centre and Zoom In - Double click mouse button to centre and zoom in
  • Pan (Moving the map) - Use arrow keys to pan
  • Zoom In - Use + key to zoom in a level
  • Zoom out - Use - key to zoom out a level

'Available Now' Properties
Sheltered Accommodation (60+ : see restrictions) ( 1 Properties Available )
01FlatThird Floor17/10/2017136 (FLAT 35) ALEXANDER STREET DUNDEE DD3 7DE - CALEDONIA ( View Map 009059052369 )
Non-Sheltered Accommodation ( 1 Properties Available )
43154BedsitFlatFirst Floor18/10/20171H ARTHURSTONE TERRACE DUNDEE DD4 6RT - HILLCREST ( View Map 009059051528 )

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