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Change Minds - Exploring Stories from Dundee's Asylums

Change Minds - Exploring Stories from Dundees Asylums Image
This fascinating exhibition looks at what life was like in Tayside asylums in the 19th century. The exhibition was created by the participants in a National Lottery Heritage Fund project led by the University Archives called Change Minds. This unique heritage and creative wellbeing project encouraged people with mental health challenges to use historical archives to research and develop creative responses to the lives of asylum patients in the past, developing a deeper understanding of their own experience along the way. The exhibition features images and items from the Archives and reflections on both historical approaches to mental health care and those of today.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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Friday 19th July 2024 9:00am
Saturday 20th July 2024 9:00am
Monday 22nd July 2024 9:00am
Tuesday 23rd July 2024 9:00am
Wednesday 24th July 2024 9:00am
Thursday 25th July 2024 9:00am
Friday 26th July 2024 9:00am
Saturday 27th July 2024 10:00am
Monday 29th July 2024 9:00am
Tuesday 30th July 2024 9:00am
Wednesday 31st July 2024 10:00am
Thursday 1st August 2024 9:00am
Friday 2nd August 2024 9:00am
Saturday 3rd August 2024 9:00am
Monday 5th August 2024 9:00am
Tuesday 6th August 2024 9:00am
Wednesday 7th August 2024 10:00am
Thursday 8th August 2024 9:00am