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An Actor Prepares

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Join us on an exhilarating journey into the fascinating world of Stanislavski!

'The actor's primary task is to immerse themselves in their character's emotions and experiences, allowing authenticity and truthfulness to shine through in their performance.'

No matter the role you are given, one of the first things you have to ask yourself is who is my character and how do I get them out into the world? How can we use what we have as unique individuals to create a true, believable performance? How can we harness our imaginations and use voices and bodies, actions, observation and emotion to build unique characters?

An invaluable toolkit for complete beginners and experienced actors alike.

In this brand new course, we will work with the approaches to actor training and character work inspired by Konstantin Stanislavski (the 'founding father' of modern acting techniques), and his book 'An Actor Prepares' and further developed by other practitioners.

Professional techniques and approaches for all acting, whether on stage or on film.

Classes will have a mixture of individual, pair and group exercises and will include: Physical relaxation and voice work - warm-ups and a greater understanding of your expressive body. Given circumstances - the background to the present moment. Learn how to sub-divide and break down your text into actable chunks. Objectives and activities. Character and relationship exercises - how to deepen your work through improvised encounters. Sense memory work. We will put these techniques into practice with some contemporary scenes.

(Please note, there will be some physical work and homework assignments every week.)

Who is this for? - People with experience of acting and those who've never tried it before. This course has been thoughtfully designed to be accessible to beginners whilst offering more experienced actors a chance to develop and stretch their skills. (Age 16 plus)

Wednesday evenings for 8 weeks, beginning 10th April 2024 (6.30-8.45pm). Please note there will be no class on the 24th April so the final class will be on 5th June.

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£145 plus booking fee.
Booking Required
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Wednesday 22nd May 2024 6:30pm
Wednesday 29th May 2024 6:30pm
Wednesday 5th June 2024 6:30pm
Bell Street
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