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Discover Dundee and Broughty Ferry in Henry the luxury vintage bus. A two hour small group tour in luxuriously upholstered interior transporting you back to a bygone era of elegance and charm. The tour has a couple of photo stop opportunities at the Railway bridge memorial, Botanic gardens, then amazing view point over the city from the Law, and out to Broughty ferry Castle. And many more other tourist sights to be seen along the way. Mid way through the tour a short comfort stop to meet Henrys friends at the Transport museum. Dundee's historic association with Jute, Jam and Journalism is referenced by pointing out Verdant works, DC Thomson, Howff cemetery where members of Keiller marmalade family are buried. We also visit the delights of the seaside village Broughty Ferry, with its independent shops, and quaint pubs. On the way back Henry makes a detour into the Docks to see the North Carr Lightship and HMS Unicorn, before a drive across and back again over the Tay Road Bridge to see the unforgettable vista of Dundee and a different view of the VA. Henry seats max 8 people. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Access may be difficult for wheelchair users or persons with mobility impairment.

Tour Information
Seasonal Tours Running 1st April 2019 until 25th October 2019.
Departing at 10am and 1pm, Wednesday to Monday.
Your experience lasts approximately 2 hours (subject to traffic conditions).
Cost: £34 per person, children (age 7-14 years) £15.
**Special offer for group bookings of 6 or more adults - the organiser goes free.
Pre-booking required of 48 hours at www.henrytours.co.uk is advised to avoid disappointment, but it is possible to book at short notice if seats are still available via email info@henrytours.co.uk or by phone 07850971697.

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