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A History Heritage and Architecture Walk Tour

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A small group booking with confirmation is required for a Bright Dundee guided Tour of the Albert Square in Dundee City Centre. English only narration in daylight and seasonal weather permitting, a tour concerns the history, heritage and architecture around the square, which involves a wee saunter outdoors for about an hour and a half.

The purpose of the tour is to enlighten and entertain by building a picture in the mind of what actually existed around the square in 1867 and the end of that century, to discover certain artefacts attached to the buildings, and to learn the meanings of statues and plaques along the way.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.

Booking Required
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Tuesday 18th June 2019 1:00pm
Wednesday 19th June 2019 1:00pm
Thursday 20th June 2019 1:00pm
Friday 21st June 2019 1:00pm
Saturday 22nd June 2019 1:00pm
Sunday 23rd June 2019 1:00pm
Monday 24th June 2019 1:00pm
Tuesday 25th June 2019 1:00pm
Wednesday 26th June 2019 1:00pm
Thursday 27th June 2019 1:00pm
Friday 28th June 2019 1:00pm
Saturday 29th June 2019 1:00pm
Sunday 30th June 2019 1:00pm