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Ice Bound - Art Exhibition By Darren Rees

Ice Bound - Art Exhibition By Darren Rees Image
Award-winning artist Darren Rees received the coveted Artist in Residency honour from the Friends of The Scott Polar Research Institute in 2015. From February 26th to March 30th he travelled with the Royal Navy on the ice-breaker HMS Protector from the Falkland Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula. His Ice Bound exhibition (and book with Mascot Media) documents his journey in the far south with works depicting the busy penguin colonies on the Falklands at Volunteer Point, Gypsy and Telephone Coves; albatross, petrel and shearwater encounters during the crossing of the rich waters of the Drake Passage; elephant seal, blue-eyed shags and Adelie penguin residents of Rothera British Antarctic Survey base; and the unforgettable sight of whale-filled seas of Antarctica.

Most of the collection of sketches, watercolour and acrylic paintings were executed in situ in Antarctica, but also included in the show are some larger canvasses that Darren painted in the studio on his return, including pieces that are being exhibited for the first time.

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