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This section of the plan sets out, for each of the Council’s five Strategic Service Areas and two key partnerships, the main targets they will be aiming to achieve and the main projects they will be undertaking.

A set of scorecards for each will become the basis of regular progress reports to Committee and our citizens. As well as these high level strategic scorecards, each service and trading operation will develop their own scorecards to ensure monitoring of performance takes place at all levels.

Long term targets in this plan will be kept under review and we will seek to achieve more ambitious improvements wherever possible. In particular, some of the targets are the current numerical expression of being ‘best in local government benchmarking family group’ and these will be regularly recalculated over the course of the Plan.

Strategic Priorities

The table below summarise the main services and resources of the Council which have been aligned as far as possible to the policy priorities and structure of the Council.

Strategic Service Areas