Introduction by the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive

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The next five years promise much for everyone who lives, works in and visits Dundee.

A huge amount of work has already been done by the Council and our partners to harness the city’s potential, but more lies ahead so we can make our shared vision of a smarter, fairer, more vibrant and attractive city a reality.

This Council Plan for 2017-2022 sets out how we as a local authority will play our part in achieving the vision set out in the City Plan. The Plan sets out the main priorities and how we will approach them – including scorecards to measure progress. It provides a roadmap to navigate through the challenges of unprecedented pressures on public sector finances and the resulting need to deliver services differently.

Over the next five years, we’ll build on the strong partnerships that already exist across the public, private, education and third sectors. It is those partnerships which have already seen Dundee become a magnet for investment, grow a lively cultural scene and develop an eye-catching built and natural environment.

There is more to come from the V&A opening in the new Waterfront; Dundeecom delivering jobs in the port; the new Scottish social security agency HQ and the Tay Cities Deal. These will go some way to achieving our target of creating more than 5,000 new jobs for people in Dundee over the next ten years.

But the plan is even more ambitious. It sets out to tackle the root causes of social exclusion to ensure no one is left behind in the development of the new city economy. Our Fairness Action Plan, Employability Partnership and measures to close the attainment gap are top priorities.

All of the evidence points to the importance of the early years of a child’s development. What happens then can influence the rest of their life. That is why giving children the best start possible is so important to the plan. Closer integration of the Children and Families service along with a major expansion of early years education and nursery provision will be vital improvements over the next five years.

Our annual survey demonstrates the high level of satisfaction residents have with the local environment. Dundee is a place where people take pride in their city. However we need to recycle more. So the plan sets an ambitious target of growing the rate of recycling from 33% to 60%.

Millions of pounds have already been spent in the past few years creating warm, easy to heat and affordable homes in Dundee, but we want to do so much more. As well as committing to build 200 affordable new homes in each of the next five years, the plan lays out bold proposals to boost energy sharing through district heating schemes and finding other innovative ways of tackling fuel-poverty.

All of this has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of everyone in the city but we know that there are unfair differences in quality of life and life expectancy at the moment.

A range of measures to deal with health inequalities are set out in the plan. This includes encouraging physical activity such as seeking to double the number of people who commute to work on bike or foot by 2027; encouraging schools to participate in the Dundee Mile challenge and walk a mile a day and improving air quality through innovation in transport.

As a Council, we always aim to provide best value and we are committed to continuing to change for the future. Part of our planning for the future will include monitoring developments in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and doing all we can as a city to mitigate the impacts and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

To get where we need to be relies on our ability to adapt and to engage with our communities, to collaborate more with neighbouring councils and to continue to be flexible and innovative.

Dundee is a city on the up. Delivering on the contents of this Plan will help continue that journey.

John Alexander, Leader of the Administration and David Martin, Chief ExecutiveBe Bold