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We are committed to improving outcomes for the citizens of Dundee. We want to know if we are delivering our services effectively, and we want our councillors to have the information which allows them to scrutinise performance effectively. Comparing performance through benchmarking supports change and improvement within the Council by learning how better performing organisations achieve their results.

During the past five years we have been working with other Scottish councils and the Improvement Service to develop and improve the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF). Data is provided for performance indicators by all 32 Scottish councils. This allows us to compare how we are doing against other councils’ performance. More information on how we compare can be found at Dundee Performs.

The latest data available highlights that of the 65 LGBF indicators, we are ranked number one among the 4 main cities for 30% of indicators, second only to City B. An overview of our top ranking position is outlined in the table below.

Data about our performance measures and how our performance compares with other Councils is available at our Dundee Performs portal. Our ambition is to be the overall best performing city in Scotland.