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Dundee Children and Families Information Service

The Dundee Children and Families Information Service provides parents and carers with the information they need to make the best choice about childcare and the early learning of their children. By searching the Dundee area of you can access information about Dundee childminders, local authority and private nurseries, out of school clubs, playgroups and parent and toddler groups. We also signpost on the website to over 700 other groups and services for families in Dundee such as Parenting groups and activities, Health and Wellbeing, Additional Support Needs groups, and more.  Holiday activities for children and families over the school holidays are also available on the website.

Search for the early learning and childcare and family information you are interested in by visiting our Dundee section on

For more information about the rules and eligibility for the 600 hours of Early Learning and Childcare for 2 year olds and how to apply for a place, download the guidance leaflet and application form

A wide range of childcare advice Fact Sheets has been developed to assist you when choosing childcare, and providing information such as 'How to Choose a Nursery', 'What to Look For When Choosing Childcare'. You can access the advice you are looking for by downloading the relevant document below:

Contact Details:

Tel:  01382 433900

For information about the wide range of early years and childcare services available throughout the city, go to

You can also find information on our social media accounts where we post activities, events and information for families: or or

Contact Emails:

Out of School Care Co-ordinator, Krysia Sosna
Email: (link sends e-mail)
Family Information Service Co-ordinator, Wendy Cameron
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Parents' Services Development Officer, Dawn Banks
Email: (link sends e-mail)
Parents' Services Development Officer, Linda Dempster
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Early Years Development Officer, Wendy Knight
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