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Advertisement Consent Questionnaire

Introduction - General Information

Note: This questionnaire is based on national legislation and is therefore not exclusive to Dundee City. The questions are applicable to anywhere in Scotland.

This questionnaire does not provide a definitive answer to a query. It is still advised that you contact the planning department or seek other professional advice you think will be beneficial.

Deemed Advertisement Consent is the term given to the display of certain types of advertisements which can be carried out without formal Advertisement Consent, otherwise known as "Express Consent." The legislation setting out these circumstances is the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Scotland) Regulations 1984. This questionnaire attempts to explain this legislation and give a firm indication whether Advertisement Consent is required for any proposed advertisements.

Other Council permissions such as Building Warrants; Landlord's Consent, in the case of development concerning council property; or Listed Building Consent, concerning development of a listed building, may still be required. Please check with the relevant council department.

Types of adverts which are outwith the scope of these regulations (i.e. do not require advert consent)

Adverts displayed within a building other than those specified in Class V of the questionnaire.

Adverts on or in a vehicle/vessel, normally used as a moving vehicle/vessel, on a road, railway or inland waterway. (The regulations will apply to any such vehicle/vessel which is used primarily to display advertisements).

Adverts incorporated in and forming part of the fabric of the building other than a building used primarily for the display of advertisements, hoarding or similar structure. (An advert does not form part of a building if it is merely affixed to or painted on that building).

Displayed on enclosed land and not readily visible from outside that enclosure or from any land within that enclosure over which there is a public right of way.

Displayed on a or consisting of a balloon flown at a height of more than 60m above ground level.

Displayed on articles or packaging/containers for sale, or a petrol pump, which relates solely to the commodity being sold, where the advert is not illuminated and does not exceed 0.1sqm in area.

Adverts for a travelling circus or fair within a local authority area subject to certain criteria.

NOTE: If your proposal involves any of the above types of adverts or similar please contact the relevant planning authority as other criteria may require to be fulfilled.

Guide to the Interactive Questionnaire

On the front page the different classes of advertisement are set out. Within each class there are subsections which are accompanied by an explanation as to the types of advertisement covered. Choose the subsection that your enquiry relates to by clicking on the "proceed" button. Simply answer yes or no to the questions asked, until you are informed of the need or otherwise of Advertisement Consent. The questions you have answered will be displayed on the screen. If you wish to amend any answers navigate via the "last question" button to the required question.

Although the questions are designed to be "user friendly", for accuracy, certain terms require to be included. If questions are difficult to understand there are three areas which will assist your enquiry.

Hyperlinks on particular terms - Double clicking on a highlighted term will provide a definition for that term. Usually this will relate to a specific planning term. (e.g. Conservation Areas).

Definitions Page Button - Clicking this button provides a list of all definitions used in alphabetical order.

Visual Guide Button - Clicking this button provides a visual example of a physical situation, relating to the question being asked at that time.

NOTE: The Visual Guide makes use of Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003/2002 Add-in: Office Animation Runtime. If you do not have a recent version of Office/Powerpoint, it is advisable to download this plug-in from the Microsoft Download Center by clicking on the Microsoft Logo.

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