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Love Food Hate Waste

Most of us don’t realise the amount of food that we throw away. It is estimated that over a third of the food we buy in Scotland is thrown directly in the bin and at least half of this could have been eaten!

Below are some food waste facts:

Over £1 billion worth of food is wasted by consumers in Scotland each year. That’s an average of £430 per household!

  • If we stopped wasting all this food, we could prevent the equivalent of 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released each year in Scotland. This is the same as taking 1 in 4 cars off the road
  • Around 566,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown out by Scottish households each year
  • At least £18 million worth of food thrown out is still in date

You can reduce the amount of food waste that you create by:

  • Planning your shopping and only buying what you need
  • Storing your food properly and checking date labels
  • Looking out for recommended portion sizes on ingredients like rice and pasta
  • Using leftovers to cook tasty meals

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign provides a range of hints/tips for reducing the amount of food waste we produce. Click on the Love Food Hate Waste website link below for recipes and advice from chefs, food writers and food nutritionists and householders are encouraged to share their hints and tips on the website forum.

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