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Over the course of the past year, we have been learning from previous phases of our transformation journey and will make some changes to the way it is run to ensure that the programme is best placed to support transformation and change across the Council and the city.

To ensure that the C2022 programme can adequately support the city's strategic priorities, the programme will ensure that it has in place robust enough governance, methodologies, performance management tools and resources to deliver consistently on change.

The Council requires a different kind of transformation programme if the city's challenges are to be address and Dundee is to achieve its ambitions over the course of the next 10 years.


Programme Management Office (PMO)

The Corporate Improvement Team (CIT) sits in the Chief Executive's service and is responsible the Councils transformation programme and continuous improvement initiatives.

To adequately support the C2022 programme, there needs to be robust governance which is available to support and guide the programme and the projects contained within each theme. The Corporate Improvement Team and how it supports C2022 will be re-designed to ensure that this team will be able to operate as a Programme Management Office (PMO).

The primary goals of the PMO for C2022 would be to:

Programme Board

The Council's Management Team are the Programme Board; they support the Chief Executive and the Corporate Improvement team to deliver the C2022 programme.


All policy reports, reports with staffing and/or financial implications emanating from the programme and the Revenue Budget process require to be taken to the appropriate Committee for their consideration and determination. This process allows all elected members the opportunity to have oversight on any key changes the programme recommends in how services are structured and re-designed as well as understanding the impacts of any changes to our priorities and citizens.


The Council's corporate performance management system will continue to be the method used to track and monitor transformation project's KPIs and the progress against the Council plan. All major projects included in the C2022 programme will have dashboards to support the tracking and management of the defined project outcomes. Finance leads, project leads and the C2022 PMO will work closely on reporting progress to committee.

To ensure that what the C2022 programme delivers is well supported by our people and that citizens are clear on what we are trying to achieve, strong communication will be key.


Each one of the projects contained within the programme will be managed using a mix of traditional project management and service design methods. Service design methods focus on really understanding the problem that the project is trying to solve and what is most important to the service user - the citizen.

Using these methods will allow for a more dynamic approach to project delivery, one which is faster and more flexible than only apply traditional approaches, putting emphasis on early trials, early approvals and regular review periods.


To ensure that our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to support change and service improvement, CIT working in partnership with Learning and Organisational Development (L&OD) have developed the BOLD programme to help to further build an ambitious, innovative, flexible and engaged culture for the council.

CIT and L&OD held workshops, focus groups and gained feedback through the employee survey and other sources which showed that our people welcome greater involvement in service improvement.

The BOLD programme focuses on giving our employees, regardless of levels and job roles access to a variety of different courses which aim to give them the tools and methodologies to support change within the Council and their teams.

An important aspect in the delivery of the C2022 transformation programme and for service improvement in general is ensuring that our people are bought into and enthusiastic about change and development.


To ensure that what the C2022 programme delivers is well supported by our people and that citizens are clear on what we are trying to achieve, strong communication will be key.

The Council's website will be the heart of this communication, used prominently and regularly to update on each of the C2022 projects, the Council's performance measures and progress on the Council Plan and City plan.

The benefit of clear and transparent communication on our progress means that the public can be clear about what the Council's priorities are and how we are changing as a Council to meet them. All of the work we do in delivering the City Plan, Council plan and C2022 programme will directly affect the public in one way or another and transparency and openness is essential to better engage the public and make them a part of the process.