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Scottish Parliamentary Elections - 5th May 2016

On 5th May, 2016 Scotland will go to the polls to elect 129 MSPs, 73 of which are constituency members elected using the first past the post system. The remaining 56 are regional members who are elected using the party list system.

The Chief Executive of Dundee City Council is the Returning Officer for Dundee City East and Dundee City West constituencies.

Polling takes place between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm and the constituency results are expected to be announced at approximately 2.30 am., with the regional list around 6am.

Maps showing the Polling Stations within the two constituencies are available in the Polling Stations section.

To vote you simply place a cross (X) against the candidate of your choice on the constituency (lilac) ballot paper and a cross (X) against your party or individual candidate of choice on the regional list (peach) ballot paper.

Statistical information on the Electorate and Postal Voting can be found here.

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