Consumer Advice

We Will:

  • Advise you about your legal rights when buying goods/services;
  • Guide you in pursuing your complaint yourself;
  • Identify sources of information and help;
  • Where appropriate, mediate on your behalf with a trader to resolve the problem.

We Cannot:

  • Demand refunds, replacements or apologies from traders;
  • Take court action on your behalf;
  • Pursue an unjustifiable complaint;
  • Divulge trader information.

We Ask You To:

  • Give us the facts;
  • Listen to our advice and reasons for recommended course of action.
  • Accept that we may not be able to help directly if no laws have been contravened.

What Can Consumers Expect?

You have the right to expect certain standards when buying goods or paying for a service.

  • Goods sold must be of satisfactory quality, accurately described and fit for their purpose.
  • Services should be performed to a reasonable standard, at an agreed or reasonable price.

Looking for a Tradesman?

Use the Trusted Trader Scheme.

Trusted Trader is based on word of mouth,ย Before choosing a firm to work in your home look at what previous customers have said about them on the website.ย All that we ask is that you complete a survey form after you have employed a Trusted Trader.

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For initial consumer advice please contact Citizens Advice Direct on 08081646000