Home Safety

Approximately one third of all accidents happen in the home environment

Hall and Stairs Kitchen
  • do keep stairs clear of obstructions
  • do have a fitted and working smoke alarm
  • do keep stairs well lit
  • do keep carpets in good condition
  • do fit stair gates for young children
  • do turn pot handles to the side
  • do wipe up spills immediately
  • do store household cleaners out of reach of young children
  • don't leave cables trailing over worktops
  • don't leave sharp knives lying around
Living Room Bathroom
  • do use a fireguard
  • don't put plants or flowers on the television
  • don't have mirrors above fires
  • don't leave cups where they can be knocked over
  • do put cold water into bath first
  • do use grab handles when required
  • don't leave chemicals lying around
  • don't use electrical appliances
Bedroom Carbon Monoxide
  • do check that cables aren't frayed
  • don't leave clothes lying on the floor
  • don't smoke in bed
  • don't leave electric blankets on overnight
  • do have gas appliances serviced annually
  • do make sure chimneys are swept regularly
  • don't block ventilators
Garden General
  • do cover ponds
  • do use a Residual Current Device (RCD) with electrical appliances
  • do be careful with garden chemicals
  • don't leave garden tools lying around
  • rotary clothes driers (whirlygigs) can also be hazardous when collapsed when not in use - use a cover to make sure that children are safe
  • always switch off hair straighteners after use and always use a heat resistant mat to lay hair straighteners on or IDEALLY a heat resistant bag to hold hair straighteners whilst they cool
  • blind cords can be a hazard - always make sure that "cleats" are used to keep the looped cords of blinds away from children

Visit the home safety statistics and useful links page for more information.


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