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Image of smoky Dundee in the 1950sThe quality of the air that we breatheΒ in Dundee has come along way in the past 200 years. Life expectancy was much lower back then, in part, owing to exposure to heavilyΒ pollutedΒ airΒ  fromΒ the local industries operating at that time.Β  TheΒ photo to the rightΒ showsΒ the visible pollution from the many mill chimneys Β operating in the west end area of DundeeΒ  in theΒ 1950’s.

Following the implementation of various pieces of legislation aimed at improving air quality, the quality of the air we breathe in Dundee has improved. Visible air pollution has improved compared with the 1950’s, however other harmful pollutants still remain. TodayΒ the main source of man-made air pollution in DundeeΒ is road transportΒ rather thanΒ industry. Petrol and diesel motor vehicles emit a wide variety of pollutants. This has lead to certain areas of Dundee experiencing levels of air pollution which exceed set criteria.

UK and Scottish air quality legislation place a number of duties on all local authorities.Β  Under the requirements of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM), these include monitoring outside air for various pollutants of concern such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) andΒ particulate matter (PM10).Β Β High concentrations found mean that the whole of Dundee City CouncilΒ has been declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for both nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10).Β 

An Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been put in place which aims to improve the air quality in the areas of concern.Β  Reporting on the review and assessment cycle and the progress of the AQAP is completed annually.


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