Air Quality

Air Quality in Dundee

A summary of air quality in Dundee, air quality legislation, pollutants, ourย Local Air Quality Managementย duties, and annual reports on air qualityย .

Monitoring Air Quality in Dundee

What, where and how we monitor air pollutants,ย plusย historical monitoring dataย and latest pollutantย levelsย for monitoring sites across Dundee.

Smoke Control Areas and the Clean Air Act

Information regardingย our smoke control areas,ย what appliances and fuelsย are allowedย to be usedย in these areas, and Clean Air Act requirements for furnace and chimney height approvals.

Air Quality and Land Use Planning

Airย  qualityย  policyย  withinย  theย  Dundeeย  Localย  Developmentย  Planย ย and ย links to Supplementary Guidance and Technical Guidance documents.

How can we help improve our air quality?

Help improve Dundee's air quality by changing the way you travel, dispose of garden waste and heat your home.

Air Quality and Health

Information on theย  short and long term effects of air pollution, theย Daily Air Quality Index, and the 'Know & Respond' air quality alert service.

ECO Stars Dundee

ECO Starsย  are free recognition schemes for operators of buses, coaches,ย vans, and trucks, and taxi and private hire vehicles.

Further Air Quality information

Detailed air quality informationย availableย on variousย Scottish, UK and European governmental, educational, independent and media websites.ย 

Frequently asked questions about Air Quality