Council Tax Guide for Students

As a full time student you may be able to get a discount or exemption on your Council Tax.

We can award a 100% exemption if the property is wholly occupied by students or a 25% discount if all but one of the adults living in the property are students.

Applying for Council Tax discount or exemption

Student Benefits - Claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

  • If you are a full-time student you may qualify for help with your Rent and/or Council Tax.

Note the following general advice:

  • You are responsible for verifying your student status to the council, your landlord cannot do this.
  • If a non-student resides with you, they must pay Council Tax (unless they are exempt for a specific reason).
  • Please don't send your matriculation card or letters of your offer of student loan/course acceptance – they are not acceptable.
  • You must advise the council if you change of address or if you are no longer a student.
  • Don't ignore a council tax bill – if you don't notify us that you are a student then you are liable to pay Council Tax.

To qualify as a student, you must either:-

  • study for 24 weeks for 21 hours per week in each academic year; or
  • be under 20 years old, have left home and be studying for a qualifying course for at least 12 hours a week for three months; or
  • be a foreign language assistant working in a school or other educational establishment and be registered with the British Council.

If you would like to request a form on behalf of someone else, please contact us.