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The Network Management Service is responsible for managing and co-ordinating all works on the public road network.

This includes Statutory responsibility for inspecting and co-ordinating statutory undertakers works under the New Roads and Street Works Act, using the SRWR electronic notification system.

The service also has statutory responsibility for Roads (Scotland) Act functions as follows:

  • control of builder skips on roads
  • occupation of the road for depositing building materials and scaffolding
  • control of works, excavations and and other such obstructions on adopted roads
  • administer all applications for the temporary closure of roads under the Road Traffic Regulation Act and the Roads (Scotland) Act
  • administer all abnormal load movements through the city
  • maintain the List of Public Roads
In addition the service has responsibility functions as follows:
  • Control of Disabled bay applications
  • Delivery of Road Safety Schemes
  • Administer applications for Traffic Regulation Orders
  • Delivery of drop kerb programme
  • Delivery of cycle programme
  • Delivery of minor schemes including traffic signs and road marking programme.