Dundee Development Grant

The grant is delivered through Business Gateway, Dundee and has been designed to encourage those who want to start their own business to take the next step and formalise their business ideas.

Grant Award

Support is available to a maximum of ยฃ2,250 or 20% of the overall cost of any project that will result in the creation of a new business which creates at least one new full time job within the city. All grants are discretionary and will be awarded on the basis of the minimum amount necessary to allow the project to proceed. Preference will be given to applications which are considered to be innovative (even if only on a local context), have lasting economic impacts within the local area, are environmentally sustainable and lead to increased job creation.

The Dundee Development Grant can be used to support:

  • Purchase of equipment essential to the development of the business including information technology
  • Works to premises, essential to the development of the business

Grant Award Limits relate to job creation:

  1. One full time job (30 hours per week minimum) or FTE equivalent โ€“ ยฃ750
  2. Two full time jobs โ€“ ยฃ1500
  3. Three or more jobs โ€“ ยฃ2250


Applications for the Dundee Development Grant will be accepted from start-up companies/new businesses and those businesses within their first three years of trading, which are engaged in aftercare activities with the Business Gateway Dundee. The business must be located within Dundee City Council boundaries.

Application Process

Application forms can be obtained from a Business Advisor at:

Business Development Advisor
27-28 Camperdown Street
City Quay Business Centre
Dundee DD1 3JA
Tel: 01382 848329