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Building Surveying Services team is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the City Council's numerous and varied properties.

Building Surveying Services team's duties include:

  • Inspecting and monitoring the condition of the City Council's non-housing property assets on a regular cyclical basis, covering issues such as physical maintenance, health and safety and contract compliance.
  • Procurement, supervision and monitoring of contracts for maintenance of the fabric and essential services within buildings on both a planned and responsive basis for various key departments within the authority, including "out of hours" support.
  • Management and control of the City Council Building Management Systems.
  • Monitoring and control of expenditure for maintenance work.
  • Corporate contracts for property-related Health and Safely requirements for all City Council non-housing properties.
  • Building provision to various key departments. The service includes schedule of conditions, schedule of dilapidation and fire risk assessments.
  • Repair and maintain Public Space CCTV system.
  • Facilities Management to Dundee House, City Square Complex and The Crescent Whitfield.