Children's Services

The aim of the Social Work department is to promote the well-being of children and families, and help parents to care, wherever possible, for their own children. We work in partnership with parents and families to assess children's and young people's needs and act together to provide the most appropriate support and services.

Services include work with the Children's Hearing system and the Courts, fostering and adoption services, residential and respite care, family support, day care, individual and group counselling. After care, advice, guidance and assistance is also offered to young people who were previously looked after and those at risk of homelessness.

All our services are directed towards the safeguarding and protection of children. Children in need include those who are looked after, those with or affected by disability, those affected by Blood Borne Virus(BBV),  those who misuse drugs or alcohol, those at risk or in trouble, and those who have experienced domestic violence.

Contact Details

Manager: Jane Martin
Tel: 01382 436000
Fax: 01382 436022

Children's Services, Social Work Offices
Dudhope Castle, Dudhope Park
Barrack Road
Dundee, DD3 6HF