Dundee Roller Derby



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Organisation Info

Hours: New Intakes on Wednesdays 7-9pm
Aims: Play and officiate the full contact sport of Roller Derby on quad skates.
Bi-yearly intakes of new skater programmes lasting 16 weeks, teaching new league members to skate, referee or officiate the sport. New member intake open to all genders

Volunteer Screening:  No
Expenses Paid:  No
Insurance Cover:   No
Volunteer Policy:   No

What They Do:
Volunteers can learn to NSO Non skating officiate, which consists of running the game with stopwatches and statistics. They can also help run productions on game days. Our intake is open to all.

Over 18 for any skating position, travel team skaters are only open to WFTDA aligning individual aka, anyone that identifies as female, non binary or gender expansive.