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Several new ways of teaching primary pupils to swim have been tested in order to determine the most effective method of delivering primary swimming in Dundee.

Dundee City Council’s children and families committee will hear that tests ran throughout 2018/19, along with the standard P6 swimming programme.

Feedback was gathered from head teachers, parent councils and Leisure and Culture Dundee and several recommendations have been drawn to form the basis of the Primary School Learn to Swim Programme.

The main recommendations are:

  • To change the programme from P6 to P5
  • A 6 week swimming programme - 3 weeks of universal provision followed by 3 weeks of targeted provision
  • To deliver the programme in the summer term
  • Allow senior pupils trained in the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification to be given the opportunity to develop their skills through volunteering and supporting the primary programme

Councillor Stewart Hunter, convener of the children and families service committee, said: β€œThese recommendations will allow us to improve swimming provision for children in our primary schools and make the lessons much more effective.

β€œFigures show that the majority of children who took part in the Test of Change Programme achieved a certificate at the end of the programme, which is an amazing accomplishment.

β€œBy simply adding 15 minutes to the time pupils are in the pool encourages and allows them to build confidence and have fun in the water. In addition it justifies the travel time to and from the pool.

β€œWe are also looking at a number of different ways to encourage pupils to swim including enabling P1 non-swimmers to be supported by PE staff at secondary schools as part of curricular time, swim experience vouchers for all 2 year old local nursery places, and swim vouchers for pupils at the end of their six week programme.

β€œWe will continue to listen and respond to feedback to ensure that we deliver primary swimming in the best possible way.”

Neil Lowden, Head Teacher of St Francis Primary School, one of the schools participating in the Primary Swimming Tests of Change said:  β€œThere was a marked increase in the children's confidence in the water, particularly with our primary 1 children. 

β€œAll feedback from children and parents was very positive and it will absolutely be something we are looking to continue next session.”

The Children and Families Committee are being recommended to note and approve the contents of the report on Monday June 24.


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