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The Enigma Machine

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One of the Second World Wars most fascinating stories is that of the Enigma machine, a portable encryption device widely used by the Germans, whose ciphers they believed to be totally secure. Nevertheless, by mathematical analysis and modern technology, the Allies devised techniques for breaking Enigma ciphers, and thus read several million German messages, providing a wealth of reliable Intelligence.After the presentation, the audience are invited to take part in a hands-on practical demonstration of one of the few surviving Enigma machines. Only about 300 are known to survive worldwide of these, only about a dozen are in public collections in Britain. As these machines are so rare, Dr Baldwin is providing a unusual opportunity for the audience not just to view, but also to operate, an original U-Boat Enigma machine the actual machine which appears in the recent film, The Imitation Game.Have you ever wondered how many Enigma machines were made, how many Enigma machines still exist, was there an equivalent British machine, did the Germans break British ciphers, did the Germans ever realise that their Enigma ciphers were being broken? To find answers to these questions and many more come along to this presentation and also learn the role these early code breakers played in starting the computing industry.Bio:Dr Mark Baldwin is World Expert and Professional Speaker on the Enigma Machine. For nearly twenty years, Dr Baldwin has spoken widely in UK and abroad on various Secret War topics, focusing particularly on Enigma and Bletchley Park. Dr Baldwin has delivered over 700 presentations to over 60,000 people globally he is currently one of Britains most experienced speakers on the Enigma machine, the work of the WW2 codebreakers, and other WW2 Intelligence topics.

Meeting Details: The meeting will be held at Abertay University, Kydd Building, Bell Street, Dundee, DD1 1HG. The meeting starts with an opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues over tea/coffee and sandwiches at 17.30 followed by the presentation at 18.00. There will be opportunity for questions to the speaker. The university is within a ten minutes short walk from Dundee Train and Bus Station, there is also a number of public car parks nearby. Please be sure to book via: eventrite. The event is open to all members and non-members, please feel free to pass details of the event to colleagues, friends and family. The event is free of charge for all.

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